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wifi_securityWi-Fi Security testing is a method of assessing the security and reliability of your wireless network infrastructure to identify any security issues that could be used to compromise your organisations wireless network.

Why do you need a Wi-Fi security test?

Each test is performed to identify threats that are exposed to a Wi-Fi network and therefore ensure these risks are mitigated. An unauthorised intrusion into an unsecured Wi-Fi network could allow your network to be compromised which could affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data. Any companies or organisations that have a wireless access network on their premises should have regular Wi-Fi security testing to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and appropriately resolved.

How can we help you?

Once the full scope of the project has been agreed, a Wi-Fi security test is scheduled. Zoom World Tech will then send a consultant to the customer’s site(s) where they can have access to the Wi-Fi networks.

A number of attacks are launched to test the susceptibility of the Wi-Fi network to external influence.  These include Server-side attacks such as WEP/WPA key cracking and client-side attacks such as evil-twin attacks that trick employees to associate to a rogue Wi-Fi access point. To identify the threats and enable you to have confidence in your wireless network security controls we will perform (but not limited to):

  • Encryption review
  • Wi-Fi Signal Survey
  • Detection of rogue access points
  • Access Control review
  • P2P attacks
  • AP configuration