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Mobile-apsMobile applications are becoming a progressively common platform for supporting both business and leisure activities. In recent years mobile applications have become easier to integrate with existing network resources and business processes within the enterprise. The power of mobile applications are very alluring to organizations which value productivity of their staff on the move.

Why do you need mobile application security testing?
Mobile applications offer a wide variety of computing solutions to the corporate enterprise, whether it be a large organisation or SME. Developing a custom mobile application to fulfil business requirements must not introduce significant risk to any existing network resources currently used or newly implemented by the enterprise. As a result of the public and often free distribution of mobile applications through platforms such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play applications are not physically restrained to enterprise servers or desktop environments. The application can essentially live in the public domain – leaving it open to global scrutiny and the potential for malicious exploitation. Insecure mobile applications can introduce attack vectors against the services they offer, the data they process and the users of the application.

It is inevitable with the growing popularity of mobile applications being used as the preferred interface between a user and network resources that security breaches achieved through such a channel become more widespread. Breaches of this nature can damage the reputation and public levels of trust in mobile apps published by organizations and any associated third-party developers.


How can we help you?
Zoom World Tech provide in-depth mobile application security assessments using the latest mobile application development frameworks and security testing tools. We take a holistic approach combining our experience in mobile platform-specific analysis and methodologies from related testing domains including web application security assessments.