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healthCHECK IT Health Checks help to ensure correct implementation of security functionality of IT systems and networks by identifying vulnerabilities that may compromise the information held on that IT system or network. These must be carried out by a suitably accredited and experienced service provider.

Zoom World Tech are approved by CESG and are therefore considered capable of providing high quality IT Health Check work at or above the minimum standard set out by CESG and in line with CESG’s recommended methodology. Zoom World Tech are also classified as a ‘Green Light’ CHECK company, which allow Zoom World Tech to conduct work under the full Terms and Conditions of the CHECK Service.

As a CHECK service provider, we are currently permitted to work on systems processing protectively marked information up to, and including, CONFIDENTIAL and also SECRET (with CESG approval). All of our CHECK team leaders and members hold at least Security (SC) clearance to have access to protectively marked information.

The intent of these tests is to determine feasibility of an attack and the amount of business impact of a successful exploit, if discovered. This meets the minimum requirements for accreditation in line with HMG Infosec Standard No.2.

Our detailed level of reporting is aimed at a variety of individuals within your organisation ranging from web developers to high level management. Therefore this will ensure that the impact of these vulnerabilities is clearly understood by the relevant individuals and departments within your organisation.